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BS Button® Playing Cards

BS Button® Game includes:
  • (52) casino-quality cards printed by The United States Playing Card Company for
  • (2) Joker cards
  • (2) Bureaucrat cards
  • Custom artwork on every card
  • Custom seal
  • Collectible tuck-box with hang tag

BS Button Game fanned deck
BS Button Game Jack of Diamonds

The rules:

  • BS Button® Game is a strategy/shedding game for two or more players. 
  • It can be played with multiple decks.
  • First player to discard all cards wins!
The details:
  1. Deal the cards equally to all players, and start a discard pile with any extras.  
  2. Dealer chooses a card value and discards up to four cards face down.  For example, the dealer may say, “Three 9’s” and place three cards in the discard pile.  Play continues clockwise, and the next card in sequence, in this case a 10, is played.
  3. A player without the appropriate discard(s) must bluff.  Any player can call a bluff, and the discards are revealed.  If the call is valid, all discards are added to the bluffer’s hand.  If the call is invalid, all discards are added to the caller’s hand.
  4. Bureaucrats can override a valid (or invalid) call of Bull Sh*t!  
  5. Whoever plays the Bureaucrat card redetermines the next card and plays it. 
  6. Jokers and Bureaucrats are wild.
  7. The first player to discard every card while avoiding a valid call of Bull Sh*t! wins. 
BS Button Game tuck-box
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Press the big, red button whenever you want to call Bull Sh*t!  

Some have wondered if BS stands for Bureaucratic Sortilege.  We marvel at their prescience.