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Introducing our dysfunctional family of apps. 

BS Button®

Call it!

Calling it on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Kindle has never been more fun.

Hundreds of celebrity impressions including Donald Trump, Matthew McConaughey, Morgan Freeman, jack Nicholson, George Takei, William Shatner, and more!

Our first app, BS Button®, is filled with original content and is a fun, creative way to call BS.

Ready to scratch the surface?






Classic Celebrity Insult Button™ 

Shakespeare Edition

The Classic Celebrity Insult Button™ includes fun, obscure, and biting insults from the Bard's body of work. 

They say profanity is the gateway to a new language.  Perhaps an introduction to the King's English is long overdue. 

Impressions include Ricky Gervais, Steve Martin, Robert Deniro, Robin Williams, Paul Giamatti, Alec Baldwin!  Over 200 in all.

The long-awaited app is now available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad in iTunes.

Al Pacino.mp3

Samuel L Jackson.mp3

Christopher Walken.mp3

Russell Crowe.mp3

BS Zapper®
Wanna be a super hero?  

Zap BS with Zeus's thunderbolt, a crazed monkey, a sea of arms, a flush of the toilet--over 50  sounds in all!

Just press the button, it flashes bright red, yellow and orange.  BS doesn't stand a chance.

The free version has 10 fun sounds.

             Celebrity Horoscope Button™

Celebrities Read Your Stars

The stars are out tonight, and your future has never looked brighter!  Hollywood celebrities read what's in your stars.  

Download now to hear Robin Williams read every sign of the zodiac.  

Purchase the full set to include:

• Matthew McConaughey

• Morgan Freeman

• Ian McKellen

• Cary Grant

• Paul Giamatti

• Christopher Walken

• Ricky Gervais

• Robert De Niro

• Samuel L Jackson

• Sean Connery

• Tommy Lee Jones

• Jack Nicholson

• Woody Allen

All celebrity voices impersonated.  

For entertainment purposes only.

HOROSCOPE- Robin Williams Leo.mp3

HOROSCOPE- Robin Williams Aquarius.mp3