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BS Button® Game

BS Button® Game includes:

  • (52) custom, casino-quality cards printed by The United States Playing Card Company for

  • (2) Joker cards

  • (2) Bureaucrat cards
  • Custom closure seal

  • Collectible tuck-box

  • Printed by The US Playing Card Company for
  • Linen finish.
  • Made in the USA.  
BS Button Game fanned deck
BS Button Game tuck-box
  • We've added a new face card, the Bureaucrat.
  • Jokers and bureaucrats are wild.  C'est la vie, no?
  • Bureaucrats can override a valid (or invalid) call of Bull Sh*t!
  • The first player to discard every card and avoid a valid call of Bull Shit! wins.

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Press the big, red button whenever you want to call Bull Sh*t!