We've received a few questions about the game, so we expanded the rules below. 
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If you like BS Button Game, you're gonna love the Expansion Pack.  It's a stand alone game that can be combined with the original BS Button Game for more fun with more friends.  Perfect for game night.
The game includes:
  • A new sound button, True Blue:  It flashes bright blue and calls it like it is.
  • Lots of new soundsTrue Blue contains more than 70 hilarious ways to call bullshit.
  • A new wild card, the activist:  Game changing.  Play the activist to disrupt the flow and get the upperhand.
  • Beautiful:  Casino quality cards with original illustrations and a smooth, linen finish.
It's only BS.  Deal with it.®

Prototype of True Blue, our new sound button for BS Button Game Expansion Pack.

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How to play:

The BS Button Game® Expansion Pack is a stand-alone game that can be combined with the original BS Button Game® for more fun with more friends.  It contains a new sound button, (4) activist cards, and (52) standard playing cards.

  • Deal the cards equally to all players, and start a discard pile with any extras.  Dealer chooses a card value and discards up to four cards face-down.  For example, the dealer may say, “Three 9’s” and place three cards in the discard pile.  Play continues clockwise, and the next card higher or lower in sequence, in this case an 8 or a 10, is played.
  • A player without the appropriate discard(s) must bluff.  Any player can call a bluff by pushing the BS Button, and the discards are revealed.  If the call is valid, all discards are added to the bluffer’s hand.  If the call is invalid, all discards are added to the caller’s hand.  Play resumes as before.
  • The first player to discard every card while avoiding a valid call of bullshit wins.

Play the activist, and take control of the game: 

(1)  In lieu of discards, a player can say “activist,” lay one card face-down on the discard pile, name an opponent, and call out any card value.  Here's what happens next:  

  • The opponent must discard one to four cards or call a bluff by hitting the BS Button and reveal the discard.  
  • If after calling a bluff, the card is an activist, the discards are added to the caller's hand.  
  • If the card is not an activist, all discards are added to the bluffer's hand.  
  • Play resumes to the left of the opponent, and the card higher or lower card in sequence to the last one called is played.
  • At the outset players must agree if an activist card is removed from the game once played.
(2)  Activists are wild.