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Earn respect.  Destroy trust.  What better way to sharpen your BS skill set than with close friends?

    • Get together with two to six friends.

    • Take turns discarding cards in sequence. If you don't have the appropriate discard(s), you have to bluff.

    • Any player who suspects a bluff can call bullshit by hitting the big, red BS Button. It flashes red and plays one of more than 60 hilarious phrases.

    • Lacking skills? Play the bureaucrat. The bureaucrat is wild and can override a valid (or invalid) call of bullshit.

    • The first player to discard every card while avoiding a valid call of bullshit wins.
Combine with BS Button Game® Expansion Pack to play with up to twelve players.
BS Button Game instructional videos
featuring Bard Wheelo

BS Button Game:  Part 1, The History of BS Button Game

BS Button Game:  Part 2, The Basics
BS Button Game:  Part 3, The Wild Cards
BS Button Game:  Part 4, Playing the bureaucrat
BS Button Game and BS Button Game Expansion Pack:  The Big Game
How to play:

  • Deal the cards equally to all players, and start a discard pile with any extras.  Dealer chooses a card value and discards up to four cards face down.  For example, the dealer may say, “Three 9’s” and place three cards in the discard pile.  Play continues clockwise, and the next player calls the card in ascending or descending sequence to the last one played, in this case an 8 or a 10.
  • A player without the appropriate discard(s) must bluff.  Other players can call a bluff by hitting the BS Button, which flashes red and calls out one of 60 different sounds; then, the discards are revealed.  If the call is valid, all discards are added to the bluffer’s hand.  If the call is invalid, all discards are added to the caller’s hand.
  • The first player to discard every card while avoiding a valid call of bullshit wins. 
Playing the bureaucrat:

  • Let's say you bluff and another player hits the bullshit button.  Normally you would add the discard pile to your hand, but if you have a bureaucrat card, you can place it face up on the discard pile and override that valid call of bullshit.  Then you call the next card and play it.  Play continues as before.

  • Let's say you hit the bullshit button to call a bluff, but you're wrong.  Normally you'd add the discards to your hand, but if you have a bureaucrat card and you place it faceup on the discard pile, you're forgiven.  You also call the next card and play it.
  • Jokers and bureaucrats are wild.  When played as wild cards, bureaucrats become part of the discard pile.  Bureaucrats and wild cards are removed from the game once exposed. 

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