Electoral College Combat

  • Unpredictable until the last hand, Electoral College Combat combines strategy and chance as you navigate Fake News!, Russian collusion, recounts, celebrity endorsements, and swing states to win 270 Electoral College votes and the US presidency.

  • The game features 50 states cards plus Washington DC and five wild cards.

  • Fast-paced fun that puts you in the middle of the chaos.

  • First prize?  The US presidency.  Second prize?  Hindsight and a book deal.

  • Ghost writer available upon request.

    Deal with it.®

Wild Cards

Russian Collusion
Win Electoral College votes by beating Russia at their own game.

Fake News!
Determine the facts to win more Electoral College votes.

Swing State
Win Electoral College votes with the turn of a friendly card.

Celebrity Endorsement
A celebrity endorsement is always good for a few votes.

Things get out of control when there's a recount.

State Cards

Playing to lose:  Book Deal.

In Book Deal the rules are the same as Electoral College Combat, but the player with the least Electoral College votes wins.

Deal with it.®