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Coming soon to DollTV! 

Trump Chibi® and Borzoi ("Let Me Do It for You") plush toys.

Become a DollTV affiliate or reseller.  

Setting up an affiliate account is easy!
  1. Got a website?  Have a substantial following on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or your blog?  Create affiliate links to DollTV products, and earn commissions on every sale.
  2. All DollTV games are available on
  3. Open an Amazon affiliate account.  It's free!   
  4. Create links for your website to DollTV's Amazon storefront.
  5. Or create links to DollTV's individual games: 
    Electoral College Combat®
    BS Button Game®
    BS Button Game® Expansion Pack
  6. If a customer clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you'll receive commissions from Amazon.
Become a DollTV reseller!
  1. Set up a reseller account, and introduce your customers to DollTV's fun, provocative, and exciting games. Perfect impulse buys at gas stations, hotels, and other places people go to have fun.
  2. They're eye-catching impulse buys.  Customers cannot resist them.  Display them at the register.   
  3. They are perfect for the treasure hunt experience.
  4. Contact us for details.

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