About Us

A Journey Through Time - DollTV®: From Animatronic Dolls to Collectibles Galore!


Embark on a nostalgic journey with DollTV® as we reminisce about our incredible evolution in the world of toys and collectibles. From our humble beginnings in the mid-'90s to becoming a hub for unique and beloved items, DollTV® has continuously adapted to meet the ever-changing demands of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Key Milestones:

  1. The James Brown Big Head - An Explosive Debut (2002):

    • Shortly after eBay emerged in 1995, DollTV® entered the scene, selling our first animatronic doll - the James Brown Big Head. Featured on MTV's The Osbournes in 2002, Ozzy Osbourne's positive comments led to a sell-out within hours, marking a significant early success.

  2. Expansion with Gemmy's Big Heads (Early 2000s):

    • Gemmy released more Big Heads, including iconic figures like Dean Martin, Hank Williams, and Bing Crosby Crooning Santa. The demand was so high that we found ourselves continuously filling orders, setting the stage for our future endeavors.

  3. Diverse Range of Toys and Collectibles (2007):

    • With over 16,000 different toys and collectibles from renowned brands like Sideshow Toy, Melissa and Doug, Crazy Aaron, Folkmanis, NECA, Madame Alexander, Steiff, and more, DollTV® became a go-to destination for collectors worldwide.

  4. Shift to Children's Toys (Late 2007):

    • Adapting to market trends, DollTV® shifted its focus to children's toys, a strategic move that proved successful even during the recession. Business continued to grow, showcasing our resilience and adaptability.

  5. Monty Python and Mr. Bean Licensing (2009):

    • DollTV® ventured into licensing with Monty Python and Mr. Bean limited edition collectibles. The Ministry of Silly Walks watch and the Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks Pocket Watch clock became instant hits and are now prized collectibles.

  6. Expansion into Games - Electoral College Combat® and BS Button Game® (Present):

    • DollTV® expanded its offerings to include engaging games like Electoral College Combat® and the BS Button Game®. These games, available with free shipping on Walmart and Amazon, continue to captivate players worldwide.

  7. Introduction of Trump Chibi Sticker Collection and Plush Toys (Present):

    • Explore the cuteness of political satire with our new Trump Chibi Sticker Collection and Plush Toys. A delightful addition to our lineup, these items promise smiles and joy for enthusiasts of all ages.


  • DollTV® is tirelessly collaborating with artists and manufacturers globally to bring fun games to your doorstep. Stay tuned for our upcoming videos that will give you a glimpse into the world of DollTV®.

Join us on this incredible journey through time and experience the joy, laughter, and excitement that DollTV® continues to bring to collectors and toy enthusiasts worldwide.