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Electoral College Combat®: Fun, Fast-Paced, Two-Player Card Game

Electoral College Combat®: Fun, Fast-Paced, Two-Player Card Game

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  • Experience all the fun and excitement of election night.
  • Win electoral votes and become President of the United States!
  • Navigate Fake News, Celebrity Endorsements, Recounts, Swing States, and Russian Collusion.
  • Buckle up for a fast-paced, unpredictable two-player card game that's easy to play.
  • Download our new, illustrated PDF, or watch short, instructional videos to facilitate play.
  • Also, you can tally the electoral votes in real time as you play by clicking here.

PartNumber: ECC

Details: Unpredictable until the last hand, Electoral College Combat combines strategy and chance as you navigate Fake News!, Russian collusion, recounts, celebrity endorsements, and swing states to win 270 Electoral College votes and the US presidency.

It's fast-paced fun that puts you in the middle of the chaos.

First prize? The US presidency.

Second prize? 2020 hindsight and a book deal. (Ghost writer available upon request.)


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