Join the DollTV Revolution in Political Cuteness!

Join the DollTV Revolution in Political Cuteness: Turn Viewers into Cash with Our Affiliate Program!

Welcome to the DollTV Affiliate Program, where you can be part of the revolution in political cuteness and turn family, friends and viewers into cash while showcasing our adorable, expanding line of Chibi in Chief plushies and stickers, our Singing Borzoi meme dog, and our engaging games: BS Button Game and Electoral College Combat!

Our affiliate program offers you the opportunity to monetize your platform by introducing your audience to the irresistible charm of DollTV's political cuteness. DollTV isn't just another toy and game manufacturer – it's a movement, and we want you to join us in spreading the joy.

As a DollTV affiliate, you'll have access to a wide range of promotional materials to help you effectively showcase our adorable Chibi in Chief plushies and stickers, as well as our beloved Singing Borzoi meme dog. Plus, you can introduce your audience to our entertaining games: BS Button Game, a hilarious challenge of calling out nonsense, and Electoral College Combat, a strategic battle for political dominance.

We provide our affiliates with dedicated support, competitive commission rates, and the tools you need to succeed. Whether you're a content creator, influencer, or website owner, our program is designed to help you maximize your earning potential while sharing the joy of DollTV with your followers.

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