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Bullshit Blitz: The Original BS Button Game

Bullshit Blitz: The Original BS Button Game

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Get ready for an unforgettable game night with Big Red, the original BS Button! This game is jam-packed with 60 sidesplitting phrases to call out bullshit using celebrity impressions, guaranteeing non-stop laughter with your friends.

Inside the box, you'll find one deck of custom, casino-quality playing cards, perfect for 2-6 players. For two players, we recommend using a partial deck to ensure maximum enjoyment.

The goal? Discard your cards in sequence and race to be the first to empty your hand. But beware of those crafty bluffers! If you suspect someone is trying to pull a fast one, just hit Big Red. It flashes red and randomly plays one of over 60 celebrity impressions, exposing the BS in the most hilarious ways imaginable.

And that's not all! The game also features our clever wild card, the bureaucrat, giving you the power to override both valid and invalid calls of bullshit. That's right! Anyone without skills can play the bureaucrat (wink wink), adding an extra layer of strategy and hilarity to the game and keeping everyone on their toes.

With its stunning sound button, custom base, and raised lettering, Big Red is sure to steal the show at your game nights. Plus, don't stress about complicated rules—short instructional videos make gameplay a breeze for everyone.

Just remember, you'll need two AAA batteries (not included) to power up Big Red and unleash the laughter. So gather your closest pals, hone your BS-detecting skills, and brace yourselves for a night filled with real-life bullshit fun like never before!

And let's not forget the 60 celebrity impressions that flash red and call BS in the most hilarious ways! From Al Pacino to Jack Nicholson, from Robin Williams to Ricky Gervais, this game has it all. It's at least 50 more hilarious phrases than any other sound button, making it the ultimate BS-busting experience.


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