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Bullshit Blitzkrieg: The BS Button Game Expansion Pack

Bullshit Blitzkrieg: The BS Button Game Expansion Pack

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Introducing the BS Button Game Expansion Pack by DollTV, a hilarious and unpredictable addition to the world of political satire! This standalone expansion can be played on its own or combined with the original BS Button Game, providing endless hours of laughter and entertainment.

The Expansion Pack introduces the True Blue BS Button, featuring 70 new, laugh-out-loud celebrity impressions that will have players rolling on the floor. But that's not all – the game also includes a new wild card, The Activist, who can shake up the game and keep everyone on their toes.

With its beautiful yet bullshit-laden illustrations, the Expansion Pack takes a satirical swipe at big government and those who seek to control it. The face cards feature half smiles and half frowns, keeping players guessing, while the Jack proudly embraces his inner jackass. The red and blue jokers, representing Republicans and Democrats, sport the same ambiguous expressions – a fitting nod to the true nature of politicians.

The game can be played with as few as two players, but we recommend using a partial deck for a more unpredictable experience. When combined with the original BS Button Game, up to 12 players can join in on the fun. And remember, the ultimate goal is to be the first player to shed all of their cards – a fitting metaphor for escaping the madness of the political world.

Don't miss your chance to grab this limited-supply Expansion Pack, packed with satire, laughs, and more than a grain of truth. It's called BS Button Game, but it's all about the laughs – and maybe even a little bit of insight into the world of politics.

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