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Sideshow Scar Predator Mask Life Size Prop Replica

Sideshow Scar Predator Mask Life Size Prop Replica

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The Yautjas species was first encountered in Fox's 1987 release Predator, hunting humans for sport in Central America.  The alien warriors use highly advanced weapons and technologies and live by a code of honor, marking themselves in the blood of their kill.  Telling the story of these Predators' ongoing war with the Xenomorph alien species is the 2004 film Alien vs. Predator.  The two species go head to head in an age-old struggle using Earth as the battleground.

During a hunt, the Predators wear a technologically advanced mask that offers protection and adds to their sensory abilities.  The mask is equipped with multiple vision modes, including night vision and thermal vision.  Fellow warriors use the mask as a targeting device, zooming in on their prey for precise kills at long range.  Protecting the Predators, the mask acts as a pollution filter while shielding their flesh from the  acidic blood of the Xenomorph aliens, and the weapons of interfering humans.  A young Predator on his first hunt marks his mask with  acid blood of the alien, proud of his kill and eager to prove himself.

Sideshow is proud to partner with Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. (ADI) to bring you the Alien vs. Predator Prop Replica line, featuring some of the most advanced weaponry and armor ever conceived for the Predator arsenal.  Each prop replica is an exact 1:1 reproduction of the original screen prop, as created by ADI.  The Scar Predator Mask Prop Replica is cast in fiberglass and features a light-up targeting feature.  The piece is complete with a display stand that can be displayed on your desktop or mounted on your wall.  Each piece is hand-cast, hand-finished, and hand-painted to exacting standards, then individually hand-numbered.  

Please note:  This item is an adult collectible and not a toy.  When unpacking please follow written directions on the packaging.

This item is new.  The carton was opened to insure the item was inside, but it was not unpacked.

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