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Star Wars Stormtrooper by Sideshow Collectibles

Star Wars Stormtrooper by Sideshow Collectibles

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Product Summary:

The Stormtrooper 12 inch Figure features:

  • Fully articulated male body (armored body) with 30+ points of articulation
  • Bodysuit

  • Fully detailed armor set with helmet and belt with holster

  • Thermal detonator with metal belt clip

  • Interchangeable hands

  • Stormtrooper blaster

  • 12-inch Figure Display Base with Star Wars logo

Soldiers are unswervingly loyal to the Emperor, and stormtroopers represented the most visible extension of Imperial might. They were shock troopers meant to strike with speed and accuracy, putting down insurrections and maintaining order on the far flung worlds of the Empire. Stormtroopers served both the ground-based armies of Palpatine's forces and the space-based Imperial starfleet.

Stormtrooper training stressed complete indoctrination in the tenets of the New Order, and individuals would obey their officers without question without regard to the rights of others or even to their own safety.

Stormtroopers abandoned individuality in exchange for their loyalty. They are completely encased in a white armored spacesuit shell, and are armed with blaster pistols or blaster rifles. Their helmets contain comlinks for long-range communications. Officers were denoted with colored shoulder pauldrons. Specific environments called for specially trained and equipped stormtroopers, such as the snowtroopers that besieged the ice world of Hoth and the lightly-armored scout trooper that patrolled the forests of Endor.

Please note:  This item is new in box, but the packaging is distressed (torn/dented). 

Please contact us with any questions before purchasing.

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